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Global Business Ready General ManagersTM

A Great Lakes Initiative

Great Lakes InitiativeThe concept of management education has taken a sea-change over the last decade. It’s no longer about managing people, rather it’s about leading people in a rapidly changing business environment. The changing facets of business require constant and unique innovations, concepts with discernible degrees of business philosophy to stand up high in the era of global competition. Today the business environment is no longer insular as it used to be. Indian business has aggressively moved across the national boundaries. There are mergers and acquisitions happening by the day and hence the Indian manager has to have a global perspective. Hence it is significant that he/she should be groomed to handle the changing dynamics. In the words of Dr. Bala V. Balachandran, Founder & Dean of Great Lakes “ No matter where you are and what you do, you are impacted by the business events anywhere on the earth, and in turn what you do impacts them across the globe. Thus Money Value of Time has become more important than Time Value of Money”. The business school’s role is thus to prepare the person to face the environment and exhibit global business leadership qualities.

The Great Lakes Institute of Management seeks to create a generation of leaders who will shape the practice of business in every industry and in every country around the world by blending the best business practices of the West with the values and ethos of the East. The Post Graduate Global Executive Program in Management for Executives is the institute’s answer to unfolding global changes in business perspectives. The eight-terms, rigorous, fully mentored program takes the work experience of the participants into consideration and focuses on sets of core courses in Finance, Marketing, Operations, Technology and Human Resource Management with a perspective to provide the participants the abilities to graduate to the General Management and business leadership levels.


According to Prof. R. S. Veeravalli, Director, Corporate Initiatives & PGXPM this is a premium Post Graduate Diploma Program for an organization’s brightest and the best Managers – people who are seen as future Leadership material – whom they want to retain, invest upon, develop and groom, from the middle to senior management cadre, to prepare them to be Global Business Ready General Managers today and Global Business Ready Leaders tomorrow.

No matter whether they are based in India or anywhere else in the world, the managers of today – and increasingly in the days to come are to manage and perform in an environment that is Global. There are hardly any businesses today whose Value-Creation is without an international component or constituent. Hence to say that managers have to be Global in their perspectives is to state the obvious, especially for the middle and senior management.

The program aims to provide a blend of the fundamentals and the cutting-edge learning of Business Management, by having the best faculty from around the world and India teaching them in the contact sessions and guiding them seamlessly further during the trimesters that follow, through the Learning Management System, the e-learning platform that connects the participants with the faculty and the institute, to ensure more than adequate and in-depth learning takes place. This approach is taken to effectively address the needs of a wide spectrum of participants – while all of them commonly are high potential leadership material having a varied academic background, from Engineering to Commerce to Economics etc., while some already having formal management education as well.

The best of faculty from around the world and India share their immaculate knowledge and provide participants with a blend of fundamentals and cutting-edge learning of Business Management, during the contact sessions and also guide them seamlessly during the trimesters that follow.

The learning will get further reinforced with a unique year-long Country/ Industry Study that each participant will take on, which will culminate in a Report and Presentation at the end of the Program. This is apart from projects that they might do at their work-place as part of the various courses in the Program. They will further learn Chinese- Mandarin, and spend one week overseas during their final contact session in a country appropriate to the program. All of which would round them to be Global Business Ready, which is the raison d’etre of this program.

In this exciting, collaborative learning environment and study groups, participants learn from one another as well as from the program faculty. The group experience provides comradeship, networking, continuity and mutual support throughout the program, and maximum interaction between the participants and faculty. They also develop an outstanding network of managerial peers, and friendships that will last a lifetime.


The Institute is served by two key councils – the Business Advisory Council and the Academic Advisory Council. The business advisory council comprises corporate titans, who maintain a strong connection and interface with the industry. The council is headed by Mr. Ratan Tata, Founder Dean

Dr. Bala Balachandran, Mr. Arun Bharat Ram, Mr. Jamshyd Godrej, Mr. Kumaramangalam Birla and host of other corporate luminaries. The objective is to ensure that the curriculum reflects the dynamic changes in the business environment and equips the students to meet emerging challenges.

The Academic Advisory Council comprises the Who- is- Who of academics and thinkers in management. They contribute their vision in development of curriculum & also share their experiences with the students.


Within six years of establishment, Great Lakes has evolved a well-structured and viable management education model for executives in organizations.

The Academic Collaboration it holds with Stuart Graduate School of Management, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago; the Research Collaboration with Yale University; the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nan yang Technological University and Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, has contributed greatly to the completeness of its education model.


PGXPM – The Definitive Edge


Indian Advantage – A living laboratory for the study of global business challenges and changes.

Academic Excellence – World-class faculty and guest lecturers from the corporate world.

Global Perspective - The entire program and the course have been redesigned with a global outlook, irrespective of the locational specifics – To enable the participants to handle business and functions at/on an international scale, diversity and complexity.

Return on Investment – Immediate and long-term benefits to the participants in their professional and personal life and for the sponsors.

Personal Attention – Faculty and staff are committed to academic and learning needs of the participants.

Networking - Community of peers will prove to be a powerful asset, as they represent different companies and industries.

Transforming Thought – Using a highly innovative holistic business curriculum, Executive MBA helps examine real world issues from multiple perspectives simultaneously.

Transforming Leadership – Careers can be transformed and skills imparted to perform at a higher level. This impacts both the individual and the organization positively. Great Lakes’ rich learning process can help reap dividends for a lifetime, as it creates a culture driven by curiosity and commitment to results.

The Target (the aspirant) – PGXPM is meant for the identified future Business Leaders in the organization that the management wants to invest upon and groom.

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