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MBA grads of top B-Schools lack practical intelligence


Students of India’s top B-Schools lag behind in practical intelligence, a study titled as ‘Practical Intelligence in Top B-Schools in India‘, conducted by employability solutions firm Aspiring Minds, revealed.

The firm conducted an empirical study on 230 students of India’s top three b-schools using the firm’s Situation Judgment Tests (SJTs).

The report’s finding indicated that the students fared significantly lower in practical intelligence than business managers with three to five years of work experience of the industry. The study tested individuals on practical intelligence and handling of situations, which revealed a large difference in the scores of management graduates and experienced ones.

The study judge respondents on seven major aspects of business intelligence-judgment, commercial savvy behaviour, risk taking ability, decisiveness, ability to build leaders, marketing and communication and personal effectiveness were studied for the study under three broad work areas of operation management, team management, and client management.

MBA grads scored better in terms of team management, but lagged behind in work experience and client management skills. The difference between practical intelligence of business managers and MBA graduates was 22.3% in work management and 17.75% in client engagement.

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