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Sri Sri University welcomed its 2nd batch of MBA students

Sri Sri University
On 22nd July,2013, Sri Sri University welcomed its 2nd batch of MBA students,with an Inauguration Ceremony in the presence of Mr.A.L.Rao (President, Sri Sri University), Dr. K.C.Mishra(Vice-Chancellor,Sri Sri University),Mr.N.T.ArunKumar( Managing Director- Group Operations,UBS),Mr.A.K.Sabat(F.C.A),Mr.Khurshed Batliwala( Director,WAYE,Art of Living)   and Mr.Dinesh Ghodke( Director,WAYE,Art of Living),Mrs.Rajita Kulkarni(President-World Forum for Ethics in Business).
The ceremony started with the message from His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar(Skype Session) who bestowed his  blessing to the students, Vice-Chancellorwho welcomed students to the campus,followed by Mr.N.T.Arun kumar speech where he spoke about employability in today’s market situation and told the importance of being in Sri Sri University. Mr.A.K.Sabat expressed his joy on the arrival of new batch and also expressed his desire to guide students of subject of Taxation. Mrs.Rajita Kulkarni addressed the students through Skype session and welcomed them to the campus and promised to come to campus and meet students.
The evening ended with the message by Mr.Khurshed Batliwala and Mr.Dinesh Ghodke where they told how spirituality and commercial business is interrelated with the example of Lord Narayan and Goddess Laxmi. They showcased the importance of Sri Sri University where sadhana,satsang,professional knowledge  is an integral part.
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