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XAT 2014: Top expert articles for XAT 2014 preparation; XLRI registration till December 30

XAT This article gives you top expert articles to prepare for XAT 2014 this weekend while the online registration for Admission 2014 at Xavier Labour Research Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur has been extended till Monday December 30, 2013.

With XAT 2014 just 15 days away, the online registration for Admission 2014 at Xavier Labour Research Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur has been extended till Monday December 30, 2013. Earlier it was Saturday December 21, 2013.  Registration to XLRI’s PGDM courses and fellow programmes in Management for 2014-16 batch will be open till midnight of December 30, 2013.

This article by MBAbychoice.com will provide you top Expert articles on XAT 2014 preparations for this weekend including decision making, reading comprehension, essay writing, etc.

XLRI Jamshedpur Admission 2014

XLRI Jamshedpur accepts admissions on the basis of Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT) which is an exam conducted by the institute itself for admission to its various management programmes.  

The fees for the XLRI applications 2014 will depend on the number of programmes applied for. The fees to apply for one programme is Rs 1050, for two programmes the fees is Rs. 1650, the fees for three programmes is Rs.1850, the fees for four programmes is Rs. 2050 while that for five programmes it is Rs. 2250.  

Selection Criteria XLRI Jamshedpur Admission 2014 

Candidates have to apply and register with XLRI Jamshedpur after registering for XAT 2014. Candidates may apply for more than one programme. Those who apply for multiple programmes may be called for multiple interviews and/or group discussions.

XAT written test will have multiple components and you need to maximize your performance in each of these components. While preparing the shortlisted candidates for the interview, in addition to XAT performance, factors like academic ability and the relevant work experience are also given due consideration. Besides performance in the personal interviews (and/or group discussions) factors like XAT performance, relevant work experience, academic ability, extra curricular activities etc. are also considered while preparing the final list.

For candidates who cannot be present physically for the XLRI Jamshedpur interviews due to their being out of the country, interviews would be carried out in online mode via Internet.

XAT 2014 Preparations: Top Expert Articles 
XAT 2014 which is just 15 days away will be held on January 5, 2014 across the country and in two cities abroad as well namely Dubai and Kathmandu. The registration window for this test began on August 12, 2013 and closed on December 2, 2013.  The results will be available on the website by January 31, 2014.

MBAbychoice.com brings out our top preparatory articles for XAT 2014 preparations this weekend:

  • XAT 2014 Test Pattern

MBAbychoice.com conducted an interview with XLRI Admission Chairperson Dr Vishwa Ballabh regarding the XAT registration, admission process of XLRI Jamshedpur and key points of advice for the students who have applied for XAT 2014. As per Dr. Ballabh, XAT 2014 paper will be discriminatory and candidates need to have patience while choosing questions. They should be selective in attempting the questions. Selecting right question will be the key to success.

There are a plenty of opportunities for the aspirants to improve themselves in various quarters. They should be selective in attempting the questions. Selecting right question will be the key to success. The USP of success lies in staying focused without any diversion.

XAT 2014 Decision Making

Making decisions in business environment is something an MBA aspirant should be aware of. This is probably the reason that XAT emphasizes on this module and has developed a separate section with 25 questions on decision making. The first and foremost thing is to read and understand the given data, facts, information in the passage. It is advised to go through the information with an open mind and read it attentively…

  • XAT 2014 Verbal Error Correction

Out of 30 questions in Verbal Ability two are always there on Articles which have been the favorite of XAT in error correction part.  If the questions on error correction are increased, the questions on usage of articles are also increased. Surprisingly, the questions are simple but the options are so close that the candidates, despite knowing the answers, may get confused…

  • XAT 2014: Reading Comprehension

Prof. S. K. Agarwal, expert and mentor in Verbal Ability shares the key preparation strategy for the benefit of XAT aspirants for this forthcoming examination. Candidates preparing for XAT 2014, have to understand the test pattern and follow the guidelines to score more in Verbal Ability. There were 18 questions based on Reading comprehension passages in XAT 2013. One can imagine the importance of RC. Interestingly, if you can crack only this part of Verbal Ability section with 95 percent accuracy, probably you don’t need to cover any other part in VALA section.

XAT 2014: Role, Importance and Weightage of Easy Writing 

Essay Writing plays an important role in Xavier Aptitude Test 2014, and a lot depends on it in finalizing the admission to the desired Management College. To guide the aspirants through this tricky module, MBA Universe brings out a series of articles, this being the first one, on XAT 2014 Essay Writing. The Essay Writing Test is part and parcel of XAT 2014 written examination.

  • XAT 2014: 8 key points for effective Essay Writing
XLRI is not in the search for an English literature professor but for the right person who can express his thoughts well in a written form and who is well read and well informed about the various prevailing important national and international issues as well as their effects on businesses. The candidate should be able to express his ideas in a clear, logical and coherent manner. The essay writing by the aspirant is a manifestation of this skill and aptitude.

In this article on Essay Writing, skill author and expert in Verbal Area shares the tips and tricks to learn how to develop key skill to write a good essay in XAT 2014 essay writing. 

  • XAT 2014 Essay Writing: 10 Important Don’ts for Essay writing

Lets know about the avoidable errors and an aspirant, if attends to them, can be fairly sure of getting a good score in Writing Ability Test /Essay Writing in XAT 2014.Grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes- These three are the foundation to your essay writing. Any mistake in their usage will not only change the meaning of your sentence but also have disastrous effect

  • WAT Topic for MBA: FDI in multi brand retail is a boon or bane

MBAbychoice.com has started a new expert series of GD PI WAT preparation for MBA Admission 2014. This series of articles will help aspirants prepare for their GD PI WAT by providing them valid contents, probable topics and experts advice to help you succeed during admission process at various B schools.

This article is on the WAT/Essay writing Topic “FDI in multi brand retail is a boon or bane” to help you prepare for your Essay Writing/ Written Ability Test at Top B schools for Admission 2014. 

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