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CMAT 2014 FEB: First Day exam analysis; What to expect in next 3 days of CMAT Feb 2014?

This article shares with you the CMAT 2014 FEB exam analysis of the first day which started on February 20, 2014 for admission to the batch 2014-15 at leading B schools across India.

CMAT--ExamSecond CMAT for admission to 2014-16 MBA/PGDM batch began on February 20, 2014 across the centres all over India and had a smooth run without much disruption on account of technical glitches. CMAT 2014 FEB was on expected pattern with a total of 100 questions divided in 4 sections of 25 questions each.

While Quant DI and Logical Reasoning sections were moderate, questions in Language comprehension and General Awareness became a little more difficult. As shared earlier also by with the sample questions, the test paper was more or less on the same pattern. The overall difficulty level was moderate, with a few questions in each section being reported as little more difficult than the overall structure of the test.

There were no surprise elements in the test paper which was on expected pattern although some twisting questions were placed in General Awareness section and Language comprehension sections.
Since the examination was not very tough it would have a higher sectional as well as overall cutoff to receive the call from top rated B schools. Out of maximum score of 400, candidates may expect admission in top rated B school with a score in a range of 250 to 260.

This article shares with you the CMAT 2014 FEB exam analysis of the first day which started on February 20, 2014 for admission to the batch 2014-15 at leading B schools across India.

CMAT 2014 FEB first day Sectional Analysis

English Language comprehension

English language comprehension section had questions like spotting the errors in sentences, fill in the blanks based on subject verb agreement and grammar and tenses. Questions on vocabulary usage were spotting the synonyms, antonyms, phrases and idioms. A few questions on jumbled sentences were short and doable.

Reading comprehension passages were short having 200 words approximately. They were followed by the tricky questions like “Author of the passage assumes xyz and that assumption is drawn from which of the following conclusions”; “What assumption could be drawn from the following statements”; “What could be the reason out of the following statements that led the author to conclude the passage with the remark xyz”. All the passages were more or less time consuming, reflecting the reasoning type of questions which required greater understanding of the passage. Candidates had to read between the lines to solve them.
A good attempt of 16 to 18 questions in this section would be fine to qualify for the call by a highly ranked B school.

Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation

This section was a little moderate and questions were based on the concepts of Time and distance;  Ratio and proportion; linear equation; venn diagram; Logarithm; Probability; Mensuration, Geometrical concept on Triangles. Out of the 25 questions in this sections, 3-4 questions on Geometry and mensuration were found to be slightly on difficult side. The section was doable and candidates can score well in this section. A few candidates while coming out of the examination hall also complained that a few questions had incorrect answer options, although it could not be confirmed by other candidates of the same centre.
There were candidates who completed the entire Quant section in 60-65 minutes and were confident enough that almost all of their answers were correct. However, an attempt of 20-22 questions in this section could place the candidate at a high position in merit.

Logical Reasoning

This section had varying topics and concepts like arrangement, sets, venn diagrams, statement assumptions, statement conclusions or inferences, analogy, syllogisms. Aspirants are advise to practice following type of questions more-

Q.1. If PRINCE is written as NPGLAC, then how is QUEEN written?

Q.2. the question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three statements. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.

A. All pens are pencils         B. Some pencils are not papers
C. No pencil is clip               D. No clip is book
E. Some books are pencils   F. No clip is pen
1. D, E, C    2. A, C, D     3. F, C, A     4. B, F, A

Q.3 & 4. In the following questions a pair of words in Capitals is given followed by four pairs of words.  Choose from the choices, the pair which exhibits the same relationship as the capitalized pair of words.



1. A- QUEEN will be written as OSCCL. Every alphabet -2 will be the key to the answer 

2. F, C, A - This question is based on Syllogism. We will arrive at the right answer option by following all the cases and resorting to elimination round.

3. D - Pair of Push: Pull has the same relationship. The question is based on analogy.

4. A – Pair of words AUTOMOBILE: WHEEL has same relationship as Body: hand. Analogy concept

Candidates could attempt this section in 45-50 minutes. Those who got 20 correct in it may expect to be a winner in this section.

General Awareness
This section was friendlier to those who have kept themselves abreast with current national and international affairs. Questions on business and economics were less than that of last session. Sports also played a prominent role in this section. This section of CMAT had questions based on daily newspaper reports for example Reliance conflict and filing of case against other companies; government. Merger of Banks, appointments and a few questions were based on literature.

Candidates who could attempt 18-20 correct stand a good chance in a top notch institute.     

CMAT Feb 2014: What to expect in next 3 days 
No major change in type and style of questions is expected in next 3 days.  Candidates, if work in the right direction will get a substantial improvement in their score.  

Tips for the candidates 
MBAUniverse published the most relevant articles, giving the clue to the CMAT aspirants on probable questions. CMAT aspirants, going to take the test in forthcoming days should go through the published contents by on CMAT. They may prove to be of great help to the aspirants on preparation strategy during the next few days of their CMAT examination.  

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