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Should you wait for MAT MAY or take admission; decide judiciously on MBA in 2014

How wise it will be to appear in AIMA’s MAT (Management Aptitude Test) May 2014 and wait till the last week of May 2014 for score cards to explore admission opportunities

MBAWith almost all the important MBA/PGDM entrance examinations results declared, GDPI either over or going to be over, final admission lists going to be announced and a few good MBA/PGDM B schools going to close their admission process shortly,  how wise it will be to appear in AIMA’s MAT (Management Aptitude Test) May 2014 and wait till the last week of May 2014 for  score cards to explore admission opportunities in remaining MBA/PGDM programmes, is a big question the answer to which depends upon number of important factors and priorities.

MAT Vs other tests; hard realities
Current year MBA entrance tests like CMAT/CAT/XAT have attracted candidates in the range of 80 thousand to 1.90 thousands and on the top of it regional tests like MAH CET 2014 was attempted by more than 49 thousand candidates. However, AIMA claims that MAT attracts around 2.5 to 3 lakhs candidates in a year. Since MAT is conducted 4 times in a year, if we divide this number it comes to somewhere between 0.65 to 0.75 lakhs per test.

If we add the numbers in the same manner for CMAT which is held twice or thrice in a year, total candidates for last two exams stand to more than 2.05 lakhs and for the exams beginning Feb 2013 to 2014 will cross the mark of  4 lakhs. Therefore, more important is the factor how many candidates appear in a single test as they may go on testing themselves to revise their scores upwards.

Scores of all the above exams are widely accepted by B schools across India. While IIMs accept only scores of CAT, XLRI accepts only XAT scores. Hundreds of other top rated B schools feel proud to accept only CAT/XAT scores and do not prefer scores of MAT or CMAT.  Interestingly, although institutes outside Maharashtra do not accept scores of MAH CET, B schools in Maharashtra have two tier systems where scores of only MAH CET are accepted for Maharashtra domicile candidates and the best scores from CAT/XAT/CAT/MAT as well as MAH CET are accepted for Outside Maharashtra State candidates.

Incidentally, if we go through the admission eligibility and process of various B schools, we find that in 9 cases out of 10 the institutes that accept MAT also accept CMAT/CAT/XAT scores. If you appeared in MAT Feb 2014 and CMAT Feb 2014, you could very well avail the opportunity to exercise the option to apply with your better scores. MAH CET scores will be an added advantage for admission to good B schools in Maharashtra where fee structure is low and placement is high.


Still confused; options with low scores!
Had you scored a high percentile between 95 to 100 in CAT/XAT, or a high score of 300+ in CMAT or 140+ in MAHCET, you would have got admission opportunities in IIMs, XLRI, MDI, SPJIMR, IMT, JBIMS or other top rated B schools. But does the road get closed ahead without such high scores?  ‘Not at all’, is the prompt answer.

What if you had burnt midnight oil and scored 99+ percentile in CAT but couldn’t convert the call to any of the IIMs or any of the above referred B school, you would have surely had depressive feelings. And this is a fact, which has been faced by number of candidates this year.  But if you come to know that your percentile of 80 minus and score of 40 percent plus may also give you a chance of admission to a good B school with lower fee structure and good Return on Investment, shouldn’t you explore the admission opportunities? So get going now.

Hope you registered for MAH CET!
You might have appeared in CMAT/MAT Feb 2014 as well as CAT 2013 and XAT 2014 and might have scored fairly well, although not a very high percentile but you never thought of registering for MAHCET 2014!  You missed the opportunity of getting admission to All India seat in low fee paying but good ROI MBA programme in one of the 400+ B schools in Maharashtra.

Yes, if you registered but not appeared in MAHCET 2014, you still have good opportunity to be considered for admission through Centralized Admission Process (CAP) in Maharashtra B schools which will begin on May 12, 2014.

The scores of MAT as well as other exams will be given equal weightage in the MBA/PGDM programmes affiliated to various Universities in Maharashtra with fee as low as 2 lakhs for entire 2 years programme and such institutes are in hundreds in Maharashtra. You don’t have to look for JBIMS, SIMSREE, NL Dalmiya, PUMBA, on the contrary B schools like Durga Devi saraf, MET, IECMCRC, UBS, Kohinoor also provide good learning experience with good ROI.


The B schools; Admission open  
The most important thing now is to find out the B schools where admissions are open because by the time MAT May 2014 results are declared, almost all the B schools would close their admission process except those where you had already submitted your MAT Feb 2014 scores and wish to get them upgraded and that too is a matter of uncertain future.

You need to explore the admission opportunities with your already held CMAT/ MAT/ CAT/ XAT/ MAHCET score cards. There are around 15 to 20 thousand seats in good B schools waiting for appropriate candidates and out of this number more than 8 thousand seats are available for All India candidates in Maharashtra only where admission process is on for various MBA/PGDM programmes.

More than 1000 institutes are expected to accept CMAT and MAT scores and all these institutes are also supposed to accept CAT & XAT scores. Admission to these institutes is open and is expected to close in a few days’ time.

It is evidently clear that your appearance in MAT may award you with the opportunity to improve your scores; it will in no way hamper your chances of getting admission in a good B school. It will therefore be better to seek the admission opportunities in your preferred B school, where admission is open and simultaneously appear in MAT May 2014

MBA now or later; The other Alternative!
How important is one year in life’, can be the question from an MBA aspirant. You might have appeared in other exams for the first time and might be going to appear in MAT for the first time as well. You might have not had sufficient study material, meticulous preparation schedule and proper guidance apart from availability of time required to be devoted for such preparation, but you scored somewhere according to the level of preparation.  Now you have the aspiration to reach the heights of preparation and wish to test yourself with the systematic strategy for admission 2015-2017 batch.

It’s also a good idea. Out of 80 years of life, by devoting another year for a better future, you would definitely lose nothing. The only thing is that you have to remember during your preparation journey that you have devoted full one year of your life to achieve the desired goal and you are supposed not to leave any stone unturned to fulfill it. It has to be started now without waiting even for a day or a week.

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