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Advice from a First Year EMBA: How to make the most of your experience

I am currently a practicing physician and partner at U.S. Anesthesia Partners, which is a single-specialty physician services organization that provides practice management services to anesthesiologists. It was recently formed by Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) and members of management to identify and partner with leading quality groups of anesthesiologists who desire a strategic partner with the capital resources and expertise to invest in their practice support infrastructure and position them for continued success and growth within their markets.

Dr. Vincent Nelson

Dr. Vincent Nelson
Anesthesiologist/Physician Partner
US Anesthesia Partners (USAP)
Rice MBA for Executives
Class of 2015

My medical practice has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past five years to the point that it had become a complex corporate entity with many service lines: medical services, practice management, and billing and collecting. Because of the enormous changes in how our practice conducts business, we need more physician partners with business education so that they can help run the business. I have been fortunate to have been promoted to several leadership positions within my practice, and I felt that in order to perform at a high level, an executive MBA would help achieve my goals

How did I choose the Rice Executive MBA program? A couple of physician partners who are leaders in the practice have the Rice MBA for Executives degree, and I have always admired their business knowledge, decision analysis and analytical skills. In addition, the school is a wonderful campus experience filled with many opportunities to participate in student clubs and activities outside of class, as well as a tremendous number of networking events held on campus almost daily. It doesn’t hurt either that it’s close to the Texas Medical Center, where I work most of the time, so attending classes, team meetings and other Rice events are very convenient.

The one piece of advice I would give a prospective student would be to clear your calendar for the next two years prior to starting an MBA. You are going to need most of your former “free time” for classes, studying, team meetings, and other Rice-Jones School activities.  You want to make the most of this MBA experience so make sure you set aside the time to enjoy all that this program has to offer.

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