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MBA in Media Management-Metropolitan College of New York USA

Media Management


Metropolitan College of New York MBA program, students in the Media Management program will gain knowledge to: Develop models for successful exploitation and utilization of social and mobile media in the delivery of traditional entertainment industries; Manage and develop new successful business models in changing music and publishing industries in light of digitization and convergence; and, Be at the forefront of administration of successful business models for developing “new” media industries, entrepreneurial media ventures or improved service methods within media businesses with skills acquired through the Dimension classes and the Constructive Action.

The MCNY Media Management MBA program is specifically and uniquely designed to develop quality management practitioners in the media and entertainment industries capable of creating corporate cultures in which individual initiative, participation and autonomy will result in augmented self-esteem and job commitment, enhanced productivity, improved product quality and labor-management relations, strengthened global participation, and, ultimately, in increased profitability and responsible community awareness and civic participation. It does so by integrating management theory, practice and performance, focusing on the imaginative and entrepreneurial thinking and problem solving skills essential in today’s rapidly developing content driven and converging media environments.

The first of its kind in the nation, it remains the only one year accelerated specialized MBA program in Media Management, fusing the study of general MBA core competencies in economics, finance, marketing, operations, management, and accounting with intensive exploration of media specific fields essential for effective media management. The MCNY Media Management MBA program provides students with the tools necessary to successfully navigate the unique nuanced business, operations and management characteristics of the media and entertainment industries by providing students with a comprehensive analytical overview of the media industries including entertainment law, new media, broadcast, film, music and publishing industries, media marketing, advertising & public relations, arts administration & cultural heritage management, and media theory.

Delivered by industry experts using MCNY’s Purpose Centered Education model, students combine this focused comprehensive analytical study of media industry topics with applied knowledge and practical skills gained through three semesters of hands on field experiential practical in media entrepreneurial and/or entrepreneurial Industry & Venture Assessment, Business Planning, Development & Marketing, and Venture Implementation, Actualization & Evaluation.

All of the MCNY MBA programs are integrated with the International Field Study – this applied program is tailored to ensure that students have the opportunity to work collaboratively in a pan-cultural environment in which they are exposed to new cultures and given the opportunity to explore them.

Program Structure

The MBA program in Media Management comprises three Purposes and revolves around five dimensions: Purpose, Value and Ethics, Self and Other, Systems and Skills. These dimensions form core of courses offered for each specific purpose. The course contents are geared toward achievement of the overall program goals. The three Purposes and the Courses offered in each are given below:

Purpose 1: Industry and Venture Assessment

  • Purpose: CA 1 – Strategic Industry Analysis
  • Skills: Managerial Accounting
  • Self & Others: New Media: Cyber, Social, Mobile and Beyond
  • Values & Ethics: Entertainment Law & Media Ethics
  • Systems: Business and Economics of the Film Industry

Purpose 2: Business Planning, Development and Marketing

  • Purpose: CA 2: Strategic Planning
  • Skills: Managerial Economics
  • Self & Others: Media Marketing in Global Environment
  • Values & Ethics: Media Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Systems: Music and Publishing Industries in the Digital Age

Purpose 3: Implementation, Actualization and Evaluation

  • Purpose: CA 3: Strategic Management & Evaluation
  • Skills: Managerial Finance
  • Self & Others: Arts Administration and Cultural Heritage Management
  • Values & Ethics: Media, Culture and Society/International Practicum
  • Systems: Managing Electronic Broadcasting Industries
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