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MBA in Financial Management & Investment-The Global Business School Cyprus

MBA in Financial Managment

If you would like to study MBA in Financial Management & Investment at The Global Business School  in Croatia. MBA by Choice brings the below information about the course which is updated recently.

Study Subject: MBA in Financial Management & Investment


Duration: Minimum period: 12 months

Maximum period: 36 months

Course Detail: The aim of the MBA in Financial Managment and Investment is to integrate the concept of financial management with an understanding of the overall strategy of the organisation. The course is tailored to the needs of private and public sector managers, providing the foundation on which these individuals can build a career in senior management.

Eligibility Criteria: The usual minimum academic qualifications required are
(a) a first Degree in any discipline from this Institute
(b) a second class Honours Degree from a British or US accredited University
(c) any other approved and recognised English speaking University
(d)a professional qualification in a subject such as Accounting, Marketing, Insurance, Shipping etc., from a UK Chartered Examining Body.

Notes from MBA by choice Advisory: Benefits of this Program

– Comprehend and appreciate the concepts and theories of Management and see to what extent these theories are applicable in the real and changing world;
– Understand and evaluate the objectives and importance of formulating strategies in a local and global context;
– Be able to diagnose and analyse intricate situations and deal with unforeseen exogenous factors affecting the internal environment of their organisation;

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