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MBA in Agribusiness and Commerce- SLOVAK UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE Slovakia


If you would like to study MBA in Agribusiness and Commerce at SLOVAK UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE in Slovakia. MBA by Choice brings the below information about the course which is updated recently.

Study Subject: MBA in Agribusiness and Commerce


Course Detail: The main goal of MBA “Agribusiness and Commerce” program is to offer managerial education of high quality and the latest information in the filds of agribusiness and commerce for everybody who is willing to acquire new knowledge in this field.MBA program is designated for the graduates of bachelor´s or master´s studies who understand and speak fluent English and are interested in career growth in “agribusiness and commerce”. Great advantage will be some practical experience in the same branch of study.

Benefits of this Course: 

Successful graduates obtain an international certificate of “MBA – Agribusiness and Commerce”
* Managerial experience to master any real situations in business
* Practical work experience in an international team
* New skills and knowledge for managerial work as a result of developed initiative, thinking, originality, creativity and new information
* Active usage of English Professional language

Notes from MBA by choice advisory: 

For these reasons the course is specifically designed to give a complete focus to understanding of Agribusiness and to cover all the bases. Modules:

  • Agribusiness models and analysis in perfectly and imperfectly competitive markets:
  • Business Law
  • Social and societal dimension of agribusiness:
  • Regional development:
  • Globalization and agribusiness:

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