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Imperial Global Online MBA

While planning your career, it can be said that the most critical component is your choice of higher education. The quality of the education you receive directly correlates to a competitive advantage or disadvantage when the time comes to search for employment. That’s why it’s imperative to give yourself the edge that comes with studying at a premier business university.

In London, there’s a plethora of business universities, but Imperial College Business School offers a world-class MBA programme in a uniquely flexible online format. In the last several years, online MBA options have become increasingly popular with students. Convenience is of course the primary advantage of the online MBA route, but the trick is to ensure that you’re still receiving a top-tier education along with the benefit of convenience. Whether you’re in London or Leeds, Sydney or Singapore, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose to pursue an online MBA with Imperial – one of the world’s top 10 universities.

Imperial College Business School’s Global Online MBA programme provides a high-quality, engaging and innovative MBA programme, utilising the fundamental principles of business along with the constantly-changing landscape of technology and global business. Their programme enables you to leverage the latest technologies along with solid business acumen in the creation of an entrepreneurial mind-set that will serve you very well in future – whether you intend to start your own business or expand your career opportunities.

The traditional process of primary and secondary schooling, followed by university education, is not necessarily effective for many people around the world. Many of those who have made it through this traditional educational model have faced unforeseen challenges on the other side of the graduation stage. Recent graduates have entered the professional world with lots of debt and few prospects for gainful employment.

At the age of 17 or 18, when most young students are prompted to pursue university education, they find themselves ill-prepared to make that choice and follow it to its conclusion. Some can’t afford it, others aren’t ready for it. Many of them find that they’re better able to pursue higher education later in life. The prospect of paying for a general educational programme without a specific career path on the other side seems pointless. However, it can be an important stepping stone for those who plan to enter the business world on any level. A general education followed by a quality MBA programme can give you the well-rounded, business-oriented education you’ll need to excel in today’s crowded global business market.

Imperial’s Global Online MBA programme is one of the best examples in the field of online MBA education. The average age of their incoming student on the programme is 35 years. Most students at this age have all sorts of life commitments – some have children, and many have a career they can’t set aside to attend college on a full-time, on-campus basis. With this in mind, Imperial has designed a uniquely flexible programme structure. With 15 elective modules on offer, the programme can be tailored to suit your individual career goals, and completed in just 24 months. Graduates of this programme have the ability not only to greatly expand their business knowledge, but also their career opportunities and potential to gain higher-paid leadership roles.

Many programmes make these sort of claims, but a look at Imperial’s alumni success shows that this is an ideal educational path for people who want to achieve a world-class MBA on their own terms, around their busy schedule. It’s an opportunity for busy professionals to start investing in a more prosperous future.

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