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Discovery Education Media, helps the students to gain correct information about the education opportunities available to them. It empowers then to take the correct decision by knowing what is wrong and what is right. It gives them the knowledge to decide for themselves what is going to be good for their career.

Discovery Education Media through its product MBA BY CHOICE offers a portfolio of opportunities to the students who want to pursue MBA or similar education to enhance their skills, employ-ability and acceptability in the corporate world.

With very ambitious plans, Discovery Education Media is all set transform the most important segment of education and make the right information available to the prospective students who put at stake a great amount out money, time & hope just with a dream of a better FUTURE.




Discovery Education Media, through it products offers the information to a student in different forms. MBA BY CHOICE is a very exclusive product which has 4 different services / offerings in it.

With each of the above products, Discovery Education Media is only and only increasing the knowledge of the prospective student so that the student is empowered to make an informed choice.



MBA BY CHOICE will be the Country’s largest platform for getting information about MBA & PGDM. The purpose is to bring together the MBA & PGDM community and give right information to students so that whatever investment a student will make, gives him / her the expected output and return on investment.

MBA BY CHOICE products are only open for institutions that are offering MBA programs affiliated to Government Universities / State Universities or Institutions offering PGDM  approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

MBA is very specialized qualification and is often misunderstood as an easy education option. – by SJ

A qualified MBA is no less then a prospective entrepreneur and the responsibilities, stakes, risks that an entrepreneur has to take justify his qualification of being an MBA. Today pursuing MBA, in-fact the correct thing to say is pursuing programs similar to MBA has become very easy.

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